Thursday, July 7, 2011

Obligatory Introductory Post

Hi everybody!

I am Polina Malamud. I'm twenty years old, a linguistics major, and I'll be starting my third year in Stony Brook University at the end of this August. I have minors in Japanese studies and Astronomy and Planetary studies and I play cymbals in the Spirit of Stony Brook Marching Band

This month, starting on 8 July and ending on 8 August, I'm going to be in St. Petersburg, Russia, studying Russian and taking linguistics courses at the New York Institute in the St. Petersburg State University.

I came from Kharkov, Ukraine to New York, NY in the United States of America in 1994, and have been speaking Russian with my family pretty much since birth. I'm a heritage speaker of Russian, that is, Russian was my first language, but English is my dominant language. Other languages I speak: Spanish and Japanese.

I'll be posting transcriptions from my daily journal here on a regular basis, but I cannot promise much in the way of photographs as I did not bring a laptop with me, so I'll be using the computers in the computer lab at the university.

I hope you enjoy what I write! Questions, comments, "Attaboy!"s, and death threats are all welcome.

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